Três Picos

Located 180 km from Rio, between the municipalities of Nova Friburgo and Teresópolis, the region of Três Picos is known for its adventure climbs. Walls with more than 700m and routes in traditional style of high quality make this place the Mecca of Brazilian “alpine” climbing. Its main mountains are the Three Peaks (Greater, Middle and Minor) and the Helmet. The Pico Maior, largest monolith of the park and culminating point of the Serra do Mar with 2365msnm, is the main highlight of the place, where long routes are only recommend for climbers with wide experience. The region also offers more climbs that are accessible, hikings and waterfalls. In addition to the natural attractions, local hospitality, artisanal beer, organic food and the pleasant climate of the Serra, complete the menu and the reasons to make your reservation and know this unique and unforgettable place!


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