Gavea Rock

The Pedra da Gávea is an immense monolith located on the coast of the city that rises to 845msnm and stands out for its size and shape. From the summit, you have one of the most beautiful views of Rio and its impressive coastline. Its climbing follows much by a closed track in the rich Atlantic forest. From 600 above sea level the vegetation begins to change, revealing all the beauty of the city erected between the massif of Tijuca and the sea. In this section, the trail gets steeper and we face the stretch known as Carrasqueira, an easy but exposed climb, where we use safety equipment. After winning the climb and a few more dizzying slopes, we arrived at the big plate at the top of Pedra da Gávea, the perfect place to have a snack, recover the energy and rest your legs for the long return. During the descent, in the most exposed section, we make a rappel with all security.


Elevation Gain: 800m
Duration: 8h approx.
Difficulty: Hard
R$ 720,00
R$ 1.300,00

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