Costão Regular Route

Costão route was the first open climbing route on the Sugar loaf in 1817. A natural line along the rocky slopes of the east face amid the lush vegetation that allows the rise of inexperienced people.Climbing begins at the end of Claudio Coutinho lane, on a trail that cuts from the south face on a level curve, skirting the mountain until reaching the crest, facing the entrance of Guanabara Bay. From this point, 800m in length and 396m in height to the summit. Approximately halfway up there is a steeper stretch, which requires climbing techniques and equipment. The Climbing of Costão with Rocks in Rio, is a great opportunity to experience rock climbing for the first time in the middle of nature and safely. Our guides will give you all the support you need to take on the challenge. The feeling of overcoming when reaching the top of the mountain enhances the look of the city and makes it a special moment. As a reward for those who climbed naturally, the cable car to Morro da Urca is guaranteed. At the top, there is a bar with a deck over the sea where we can stop to relax and enjoy the view. With more than 10 years guiding people in natural environments, we can say that for those who like adventure and have a good physical conditioning this itinerary is a must see!


Regular Route

Approach walk: 2km
Elevation Gain: 396m
Duration: 4h30m approx.
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
R$ 360,00
R$ 640,00

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