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Data Atividade Local Horário
24/10/18 Corcovado K2 Lagoa 10h Join us!
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Rio de Janeiro
Light Rain
Feels like: 21°C
Wind: 14km/h SSE
Humidity: 100%
Pressure: 1018.1mbar
UV index: 0
min 21°C


Rocks In Rio

A Rocks in Rio nasceu e cresceu nas montanhas do Rio, e é através dessa grande experiência local que oferecemos diversos serviços de escalada em rocha como guias de montanha, aulas particulares, treinamento personalizado, cursos de escalada e consultoria em acesso por corda, sempre prezando pela segurança e satisfação dos clientes com muito profissionalismo. Rocks in Rio was born and developed in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro which is Brazil’s rock climbing hotspot. There are many routes for all styles and levels in and outside the city. After years exploring and learning in the area we are ready to share our knowledge offering private guides, rock climbing courses and expeditions always following safety and professional standards.
Rocks In Rio
Rocks In Rio shared a memory.3 years ago
Variante K3 em móvel. É possível e vale fazer o K2 quase todo em móvel seguindo a fenda pela variante. Da um plus a via que já é incrível.

#rocksinrio #climbinginrio #escalada
Rocks In Rio
Rocks In Rio shared a link.3 years ago
Escalada no Diedro Salomith no Dedo de Deus. A escalada foi de ponta a ponta na via, fazendo todas as suas enfiadas, inclusive o artificial fixo final que ac...
Rocks In Rio
Diedro Salomith - Dedo de Deus
Escalada no Diedro Salomith no Dedo de Deus. A escalada foi de ponta a ponta na via, fazendo todas as suas enfiadas, inclusive o artificial fixo final que ac...

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Brazilian Association of Mountain Guides

Brazilian Association of Mountain Guides, is the national reference for mountain professionals. Accredited by the CBME Brazilian confederation, AGUIPERJ develops protocols for leveling the skills and professionals of the segment, and guarantees through meetings and training of recycling the fundamental knowledge for the guides and instructors of the activities related to climbing and mountaineering. The Association currently has a table of approximately 30 guides, from which we choose the ones that fit the profile of our company and the client’s choice.

Gabriella Araujo

Comercial e Reservas

Graduated in tourism, EMBRATUR accredited guide and with great experience in receptive, Gabriella is the best guide for a tour relaxed by the best attractions of the city. Your charisma and leadership skills, combined with mountaineering skills and vertical techniques, give you great ability to manage groups for outdoor activity and make your adventure the best experience! Gabriella is also responsible for the commercial sector and reserves management.

Daniel Araujo


Mountain guide since 2008 and climbing enthusiast, Daniel is responsible for the logistics and security management of the scripts. A specialist in risk analysis and rescue and rescue in remote areas, Daniel ensures that all our road maps have an emergency action plan and that all our guides are qualified and trained to promote a safe and comfortable experience for clients.

Daniel is today the vice president of the Brazilian Association of Mountain Guides and coordinates the biannual training of rescue and evaluation of new candidates for guidance. Whenever possible, travel to explore new places to gain experience and develop new techniques. He has already climbed several points in Brazil and the world, including Mont Blanc – Chamonix / FRA, Dolomites/ITA, Yosemite/USA and Andes/ARG.

Company Policy


  • It has as fundamental base of its activities the safety and the physical and mental well-being of the clients. All activities have their risks managed and an emergency action plan.
  • Values good customer service and satisfaction through the control and improvement of the quality of products and services offered.
  • Supports AGUIPERJ and the professionalization of rock climbing instruction.
  • It complies with AGUIPERJ's codes of conduct and ethics and practices and disseminates safe climbing.
  • Works for the popularization of rock climbing and mountaineering in Brazil.
  • It adopts conduits of minimum Environmental Impact in its activities.


How to make your reservation

  • Browse the site and know all the products and options.
  • Choose the activity that best fits your profile. Note that some activities require previous climbing experience.
  • Think about the date taking into account the schedule stipulated for the activity. Mostly during the summer, the schedules are limited by the heat and exposure to the sun. We do not climb out of schedule due to health issues and respect our guides and clients. Climbing in the sun is a high unhealthy activity.
  • If after reading the descriptive of the activities you still have questions like: '' Can I take Costão? '', '' Do I have the technical level and experience to climb the path of the Italians? '' 8-year-old daughter at Pedra da Gávea? "Fill out the contact form explaining your difficulty, and it will be a pleasure to help.
  • Once you are sure of the best activity and details, fill out the Booking Form by clicking the link below or click the 'Reserve Now' button next to the desired activity. The completion of the Reservation Form is necessary for our activity registration and personal accident insurance application. It also ensures that you understand and agree to all the details and risks relating to the activity. Finally, you select the equipment you will need.
  • Within 24 hours, we will send you an email confirming the receipt of the request and availability for the day chosen.
  • Having availability, we will send an invoice through PayPal that can be paid by credit card through the online platform (you need to be a user or register), or through a bank deposit (for Brazilian residents). For payment by bank deposit, the client must use the data contained in the area of invoice observations and send the voucher as soon as it is made.
  • After confirm your payment, we will send you an e-mail with the voucher, regarding your reservation and all the details and recommendations for the day of the activity.

Cancelations Policy

  1. Cancellation within 72 hours free of charge. Between 72 and the day before (until 19:00) the activity will be charged 30% of the total amount referring to the reservation fee. Cancellation on the day of the activity or '' No Show '' are not subject to refund.
  2. The cancellation due to bad weather of the right of the total reimbursement of the value of the activity and equipment. Refund, will be made by the same payment method, PayPal or bank deposit.
  3. The delay tolerance limit is 15 minutes extendable for another 15 minutes if the customer contacts the guide and justifies the delay. If the customer does not contact the guide or the reservation center within 15 minutes after the start time, it will be consider as '' No Show '', with no refund
  4. If the customer has difficulty finding the meeting point or the guide, he should contact the company through one of the available channels (telephone, WhatsApp, Skype) in a timely manner. There will be no refund for requests after the tolerance limit. We recommend leaving a functional contact channel on the reservation form
  5. When the transport is contracted the customer must, inform a contact channel in the booking form and the address of the place of the pick up. We only pick up at the address where the customer lives or is staying.

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