Via dos Italianos

One of the classic climbs in the city. For intermediate and experienced climbers it is a must see! After a 30-minute steep walk through the woods, one arrives at the base of the west face, from where the route follows the wide mountain edge. Its location could not be better; Sugar Loaf is at the end of the coastline of the city, separating the sea and the bay of Guanabara, as you gain height and the forest is getting below, the scenery that is revealed is breathtaking. The Italians route has 110 meters of extension in small grabs and grips demanding of the climber good work of feet and balance. At the end of the route, we reach a comfortable plateau, a great place to rest and enjoy the view. At this point, it is time to decide: to continue climbing by a variant to the summit by the rock (plus 4 chords of IV degree), or by a Ferrata route (see CEPI for more information) or to begin descent procedures. The arrival on the ridge by the west face faces the station of the cable car and often climbers have seen the attraction of tourists, who take photos impressed with the feat. On the descent, we take the Bondinho to Morro da Urca and the same trail back to Praia Vermelha.


Approach walk: 1 km
Elevation Gain: 140m
Duration: 7 hours
Route Length: About 120m (+140m)
Difficulty: BRA Vsup
R$ 700,00
R$ 1.120,00

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