Beautiful line on the southern face of Sugar Loaf. This face, facing the sea, is in the shade during winter and for this reason has developed a rich, tropical vegetation, typical of the rocky slopes of Rio de Janeiro, composing a very peculiar and attractive scenery. During the climb, you have the feeling of being away from the city, a good alternative for those who want to escape for a moment of urban chaos. It is the best option on the mountain for the less experienced. They are 100m of 3rd degree in small grips and grip. This route gives access to the east side and Via do Costão, being able to continue for another 500m of hiking and easy climbing to the summit, or to descend walking from that point. For more details see via Costão in the section ” Mountaineering ”


Approach walk: 1 km
Elevation Gain: 80m (+ 315m)
Duration: 5 hours
Route Length: About 110m (+ 600m)
Difficulty: BRA IIIsup
R$ 500,00
R$ 800,00

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