Corcovado (K2)

The Christ Redeemer monument was strategically installed in Corcovado because its crest has vertiginous walls and makes of this place the best view of the city. For this reason, this set is considered one of the 7 wonders of the modern world and an execelnte ground for rock climbing. With approximately 400 meters of extension, the south face of Corcovado is predominantly vertical with negative sections, with some pitches arriving at the 9º degree. In order to venture there, the climber must have extensive experience, excellent technical and physical condition. Already just above its buttress, right at the edge of the mountain there is a super classic and accessible line and follows by a system of crakcs with fixed protections, graduated in IV degree. Despite the relatively easy degree, this climb impresses by exposure to altitude, with its base situated 550 meters above the city. After 4 pitches, the path terminates literally at the foot of the Christ Redeemer, which receives climbers with open arms and free entrance.


Approach walk: 1 km
Elevation Gain: 80m
Duration: 6 hours approximately
Route Length: About 120m
Difficulty: BRA IVsup
R$ 600,00
R$ 960,00

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